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A selection of sandwhiches and wraps

(vegan cream cheese, avacado, rocket & tomato sandwiches)

(Hummus, grated carrot, roasted red pepper & spinach sandwiches) 

(Falafel, hummus, rocket & tomato wraps) 

(caramalised onion hummus, mixed peppers,

grated carrot & salad leaves)

Vegan quiche bites

Vegan sausage rolls


Vegan cocktail sausages

Vegan spring rolls

Vegan no chicken dippers

Black bean salad

(Avacado, black beans, corn, red peppers, shallots & cilantro vinaigrette)

Spring tabbouleh

(chickpeas, mixed grain, peas, radish, lemon, parsley and mint) 

Potato salad with vegan mayo and jersey royals.

Veggie crudite with hummus

Fresh fruit platter

Vegan snacks 

All Vegan Buffet

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